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'Gloria Lyons'

For The A2A P-40 Kityhawk - Tested on Prepar3D V4.5+ and FSX

NZ3220 or at the time, NZ3148 was named after the unit mascot 'Gloria Lyons' and this name was painted on the lower engine cowls. The aircraft was written off after a crash landing in 1944 and a newer aircraft, NZ3167 adopted the name. This aircraft was also written off two weeks later after being hit by enemy ground fire and was forced to ditch into the sea. A third candidate was selected and was marked with 'Gloria Lyons' on both sides of the aircraft. The aircraft managed to survive the war and is was privately owned at a property west of Nelson, NZ until early 2020 where it then moved to NZOM where it is being restored to Static Display. NZ3220 had some score and mission markings added to the aircraft being 55 Yellow bombs representing missions (of all three 'Gloria Lyons' and 2 and a half Japanese flags representing victories over enemy aircraft. In late 1944 it was repainted but the markings were kept.

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